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1972 212 Conference Champions:  Renville Indians

Front Row: L to R. R. Nelson, M. Eckstrom, T. Smith, M. Rosaasen, T. Eckhoff, D. Dolan, G.Carnes, K. Haug, B.Feldman, D. Bruns.
Second Row: K.Prodoehl, G. Mulder, C. Raske, D.Eckhoff, C.Johnson, R.Berger, T. Berger, D.Wolter. R. Santjer, G.Link.
Third Row: Coach Rick Torso, B.Zaske, F.Fischer, C. Zaske, K.Mulder, S.Dietz, K.Rosaasen, R. Mulder, R.Zieske, L.Abbas, K.Frieborg, L.Brastsch, Coach Dave Sorenson.

    With first year coach Rick Torso, the Renville Indians won the 1972 212 football championship by going 7-0 in the conference and 9-0 in the regular season.  The Indians rolled through the conference season with relative ease as the Hector Bulldogs would come the closest to defeating them with a 14-0 score.  It was Hector's only loss of the season.  Led by outstanding senior lineman Curt Raske, Ron Berger, and Chuck Johnson, the RHS defensive unit only gave up 26 points in the nine game schedule.  Under classmen led the offense with quarterback, Don Dolan, directing a junior filled backfield.  Dolan had an array of outstanding receivers with sprint champion, Larry Bratsch as a wide receiver, and the 6’4 Mulder boys as the ends.  In conference play the Indians gave up 26 points for 3.7 points per game.  On offense they scored 234 points (100 in the last two games) for a 33.4 average.

      1972 marked the first year that the Minnesota State High School League allowed a play off system that would be played in 4 classes.  Only four teams would be allowed to play off for the State Championship.  In a league meeting in 1971, the 212 conference voted that they would play the Tomahawk Conference in a post season game .  The Tomahawk Conference had been playing the Seven Star Conference for the past two seasons.

       Renville would play the Gaylord Spartans at Redwood Falls with the winner advancing to the Class C play off for the State Championship.  Gaylord was coached by former Stewart athlete, Tyrone Wacker.  Both teams were loaded with athletes that would go on to win district and region tournaments in every sport.  In what would be one of the all time classic games, Renville was defeated 19-6.  Renville held the lead until the last play of the third quarter.  Gaylord would go untested the rest of the way to claim their first of several State Championships. “It was the toughest game I have ever coached”, Coach Wacker of Gaylord said after the game.”  “Renville had many quality athletes and both teams played every play like it was going to be the last of their lives.”

Final 1972 Standings
Bird Island
Buffalo Lake
Sacred Heart
1972 All-Conference Team
Curt Raske, Renville                    C - 12
Larry Bratsch, Renville                 E - 12
Ron Berger, Renville                    G - 12
Chuck Johnson, Renville              G - 12
Don Dolan, Renville                    QB-11 
Rick Gunderson, Hector             HB-12
Jeff Heerdt, Hector                     FB-12
Ken DeGroat, Hector                 HB-12
Scott Waller, Hector                   LB-12
Mike Wertsih, Bird Island            E - 12
Joel Holloway, Bird Island           C - 12
Gary Melin, Bird Island               HB-12
Brian Stark, Buffalo Lake            QB-12
Joel Schraan, Buffalo Lake          HB-12
Paul Moritz, Buffalo Lake             T - 11
Chuck Kosek, Stewart                 T - 12
Mike Blum, Stewart                     LB-12
Parry Syverson, Stewart              QB-11
Bruce Tepfer, Danube                 HB-12
Jerry Kodet, Danube                   C - 12
Sid Alsleben, Brownton               LB-12
Randy Zaske, Brownton              T - 11
Bob Knutson, Sacred Heart        FB-11

7-0-0    9-0-0
6-1-0    8-1-0
4-3-0    5-4-0
3-3-1    4-4-1
3-3-1    4-4-1
2-5-0    2-7-0
1-5-1    1-7-1
0-6-1    0-7-2

Top Ten Scorers
Rick Gunderson, Hector
Bruce Tepfer, Danube
Joel Schraan, BL
Larry Bratsch, Renville
Mike Nuebauer, BI
Tom Eekhoff, Renville
Gary Melin, Bird Island
Dave Knick, Brownton
Jeff Heerdt, Hector
Parry Syverson, Stewart
Leading Rushers
Rick Gunderson, Hector
Bruce Tepfer, Danube
Joel Schraan, BL
Leading Passers
Brian Stark, BL
Don Dolan, Renville
Rick Estenson, Hector
Leading Pass Rec.
Larry Bratsch, Renville
TD’s  EXP      Tot.
  10        4          64
    9                    54
    8                    48
    6        7          43
    6        6          42
    6        4          40
    5                    30
    5                    30
    4                    24
    4        1          25
Yards       Tries
885 Yds.   154  Car.
503 Yds.   123  Car.
487 Yds.   101  Car.
Yds.   Att.  Com.  TD’s
1018  169      68      4
  727  137      61     11
  543    84      43       5
Rec.   Yards    TD’s
  28     336         6



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1973 212 Conference Wrestling Champions:  Renville Indians-Tournament and Bird Island Panthers-Dual Meet

1973 Tournament Champions:
Front Row: Jeff Thompson, Gary Link, Jerry Frieborg, Paul Olson and Steve Bakker.
Back Row: Kapseon Kim, Dick Eekhoff, Koji Miyagi, Arlen Frieborg, Kevin Rosaasen, Bill Olson, and Gary Carnes

Front Row: D.Hagen, L.Lundstrom, B.Eiler, R.Buboltz, R.Beckler, S.Setzephant, J.Stein
Back Row:
B.Manderscheid, P.Caspers, J.Eiler, D.Youngkrantz, R.Billmeier, D.Erickson, M.Bauman.

     The Renville Indians won more consolation championships than their arch rival, Bird Island, to outscore the Panthers 91-79, to claim the 212 Conference Tournament Championship.  Bird Island won the Dual Meet Championship with a 7-0 record.  Both Bird Island and Renville had four champions, but Renville had three third place finishers to pull out the victory.  There were five champions who repeated as conference champions; Jim Stein, Bird Island at 98, Scott Setzephant, Bird Island at 103, Rick Beckler, Bird Island at 112, Paul Olson, Renville at 145, and Dale Hotovec, Danube at Heavyweight.

Conference Tournament Results
98-1st-Jim Stien, BI dec. Kapseon Kim, Renville 19-7
    3rd-Alan Kandt, BL dec, Greg Spiering, Brownton 11-2
103-1st-Scott Setzephant, BI dec. Randy Frieborg, Renville 3-0
    3rd-Aaron Koepp, Brownton dec. Scott Haas, BL 4-2
112-1st-Rick Beckler, BI dec. Dick Eekhoff, Renville 7-0
    3rd-Doug Allen, SH dec. Paul Windschitl, Stewart 2-0
119-1st-Gary Carnes, Renville dec. Robin Buboltz, BI 6-3
    3rd-Keith Fischer, BL dec. Scott Katzenmeyer, Brownton 6-1
126-1st-Bob Windschitl, Stewart dec. Greg Kodet, Danube 5-2
    3rd-Phil Guerrero, Brownton dec. Wyatt Peterson, SH 7-2
132-1st-Ketih Holien, SH dec. Mike Katzenmyer, Brownton 3-0
    3rd-Arlen Freiborg, Renville dec. Dan Hagen, Bird Island 4-0
138-1st-Koji Miyagi, Renville dec. Brad Myers, Danube 9-2
    3rd-Kevin Fluhrer, Buffalo Lake dec. Kaivin Anderson, Sacred Heart 31-2
145-1st-Paul Olson, Renville, dec. Martin Koepp, Brownton 3-0
    3rd-Dennis Erickson, BI dec. Gary Sindeir, Danube 2-0
155-1st-Jerry Freiborg, Renville dec. Randy Zaske, Brownton 13-1
    3rd-Jack Miller, Hect14or dec. Myron Minkel, Danube 8-0
167-1st-Lon Holien, SH dec. Dave Schwiess, Hector 2-0
    3rd-Jeff Thompson, Renville dec. Steve Sportel, Danube 9-5
180-1st-Perry Caspers, Bird Island dec. Paul Anderson, SH 10-1
    3rd-Gary Link, Renville dec. Jeff Heerdt, Hector 3-2
Hwt.-1st-Dale Hotovec, Danube dec. Brad Manderscheid, Bird Island 2-1
    3rd-Jon Lindeman, Brownton dec. Gene Wiehr, Hector 3-0

Tournament Standings
Bird Island
Sacred Heart
Buffalo Lake
Dual Standings
Bird Island
Sacred Heart
Buffalo Lake


Hutchinson won the District 12 title by ½ point over Norwood-Young America, 65-64 ½.  In a meet held at Hutchinson,  Bird Island finished 3rd, Renville 4th and Sacred Heart 5th.

212 Conference Place Winners:
98-Jim Stein,BI, 2nd
98-Kim Kapeseon, Renville, 3rd
98-Alan Krandt, Buffalo Lake, 4th
105-Paul Windschitl, Stewart, 2nd
105-Scott Setzephant, Bird Island, 4th
112-Rick Beckler, Bird Island, 1st
112-Doug Allen,Sacred Heart,3rd
112-Doug Eekhoff, Renville, 4th
119-Gary Carnes, Renville 3rd
119-Keith Fischer, Buffalo Lake 4th
126-Greg Kodet, Danube, 4th
132-Keith Holien, Sacred Heart, 1st
132-Mike Katzenmeyer, Brownton, 2nd
138-Mark Bauman, Buffalo Lake, 3rd
145-Paul Olson, Renville, 1st
145-Randy Zaske, Brownton, 2nd
145-Rock Karl, Buffalo Lake, 3rd
155-Jerry Freiborg, Renville, 1st
155-Myron Minkel, Danube, 3rd
167-Lon Holien, Sacred Heart, 1st
167-Dave Manderscheid, BI, 2nd
167-Dave Schweiss, Hector, 4th
180-Perry Caspers, Bird Island, 2nd
180-Paul Anderson, Sacred Heart, 3rd
Hwt.-Dale Hotovec, Danube, 1st
Canby won their fourth straight Region 3 Wrestling Championship in a meet held at Montevideo.  Bird Island finished in 5th place, and Renville in 9th place.
212 Conference Place Winners:
98-Jim Stein, Bird Island, 3rd
103-Rick Beckler, Bird Island, 1st
145-Paul Olson, Renville, 1st
155-Jerry Freibory, Renville, 3rd
167-Lon Holien, Sacred Heart, 3rd
Hwt.-Dale Hotovec, Danube, 3rd
Hwt.-Brad Manderschied, Bird Island



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1973 212 Conference Basketball Champions:  Renville Indians

Front Row: J. Bulthuis, manager, C. Johnson, T. Eekhoff, D.Dolan, L.Bratsch, K.ProdoehlS.Dietz, C. Raske.
Back Row: R. Lockwood, A.D., Asst. Coach R.Toso, C.Zaske, R.Mulder, G.Mulder, K.Mulder, D.Wolter, S.Dietz and Coach Rob Anderson.

   The Renville Indians claimed their third straight 212 Conference Championship by going 14-0 in conference play.  First year head coach, Rob Anderson, took over the coaching duties from Jerry Vanek, who took the head coaching job at Brainerd High School.  Anderson was one of the outstanding athletes in Renville High School history and the 212 Conference history.  It was Anderson's second year back at his alma mater after having a stellar basketball career at Gustavus Adolphus College. The Indians had scoring balance with junior Greg Mulder averaging16.6 points per game to lead the team. Kevin Mulder averaged 14.9, Don Dolan 13.6 and Roger Mulder 11.2.  Greg Mulder went over the century mark on the last regular season game of the season.   In District 12 tournament play, the Indians struggled with Glencoe, 83-75, in the quarterfinals.  In the semi-final round, Hutchinson beat Olivia, 67-50, and Renville got by Lester Prairie, 73-59.  In the final game of the District 12 tournament held at the Willmar High School gymnasium the Indians would meet their district rival, Hutchinson.  The two teams sparred evenly for the entire game.  With the score tied at 64, the Indians managed to sink some crucial free throws for their final points.  Renville won their third straight District 12 Championship, 70-68. In Region 3 tournament at Montevideo, Renville would play Gaylord in the first round. As it was in football, the match up would be of the two best athletic programs in the area.  It would be a game of Renville's offense that averaged over 80 points per game, against Gaylord's defense that held opponents under 50 points per game.  Gaylord won the game, would later beat Marshall in the finals and advance to the two class State Tournament.

1973 Final Standings
Bird Island
Sacred Heart
Buffalo Lake
1973 All Conference Team
Mike Wertish, Bird Island
Brian Stark, Buffalo Lake
Greg Mulder, Renville
Don Dolan, Renville
Chuck Kosek, Stewart
Dan Marks, Bird Island
Ken DeGroat, Hector
Rick Estenson, Hector
Kevin Mulder, Renville
Brian Bergstrom, SH
Leading Scorers
Brian Stark, Buffalo Lake
Chuck Kosek, Stewart
Brian Bergstrom, SH
Ken DeGroat, Hector
Jack Breitkreutz, Danube
Greg Mulder, Renville
Brian Meier, Brownton
Kevin Mulder, Renville
Mike Wertish, Bird Island
Dan Marks, Bird Island
Don Dolan, Renville
Mike Anderson, Hector
Dale Mahlow, Bird Island
Mike Neubauer, BI
Greg Lippert, Danube
Bruce Tepfer, Danube
Jeff Slagter, Sacred Heart
Roger Mulder, Renville
Joe Holloway, Bird Island
Parry Syverson, Stewart
Les Imes, Sacred Heart
Chuck Ahl, Hector
Rick Estenson, Hector
275   19.5
272   19.4
242   18.6
248   17.7
242   17.3
232   16.6
210   15.0
119   14.9
206   14.7
195   13.9
190   13.6
188   13.4
167   11.9
166   11.9
164   11.7
161   11.5
159   11.4
157   11.2
152   10.9
146   10.4
124   10.3
140   10.0
138   10.6



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1973 212 Conference Track Champions: Renville Indians

     The Renville Indians won their sixth straight 212 Conference Track Meet at Buffalo Lake.  Renville had 85 ½ points to 49 ½ for runner-up Hector.  In the 26 year history of the 212 Conference, it was the first time that one high school made a complete sweep of all five conference titles.  They won the football title with 7-0 record, basketball with a 14-0 record, wrestling a conference wrestling tournament championship, (Bird Island won the dual meet championship), and shared the title with Brownton in baseball.

      Two new records were broken in the meet. In the 880 Yard Relay, Renville's Brad Peterson, Ron Berger, and Larry Bratsch, ran 1.35.8 to break the old record set by Stewart in 1961.  In the Mile Relay they ran a 3.38.4 to break the record they set in 1972.  Members of that team were Brad Peterson, Mike Rosaasen, Larry Bratsch and      Curt Raske. Larry Bratsch ran on two winning relays and won the 220 yard dash.  Ron Berger, Curt Raske, Greg Mulder, Mike Rosaasen, Brad Peterson, and Pat and Kevin Branick were the leading point getters for RHS.

212 Conference Track Standings
Bird Island
Buffalo Lake
Sacred Heart
85 ½
49 ½
38 ½
  5 ½


1973 Track Results
120 High Hurdles
Ken DeGroat, Hector                 17.0
Estenson, Hector
H.Smith, Renville
R.Piehl, Hector
Runke, Buffalo Lake
Shot Put
Berger, Renville                         43’8
Fischer, Buffalo Lake
Feldman, Renville
Knutson, Sacred Heart
Manderscheid, Bird Island
100 Yard Dash
Schraan, Buffalo Lake               10.5
Tepfer, Danube
Anderson, Hector
Knick, Brownton
Berger, Renville
Rosaasen, Renville
G.Mulder, Renville                   132’4
Berger, Renville
Wertish, Bird Island
Rodel, Bird Island
Fischer, Buffalo Lake
Mile Run
Kevin Branick, Renville           4.46.7
Barry, Hector
Potter, Danube
Gabriel, Hector
Mortiz, Buffalo Lake
880 Yard Relay                             NR 1.35.8
Bird Island
Buffalo Lake
Sacred Heart
440 Yard Dash
M.Rosaasen, Renville               53.6
Wertish, Bird Island
Wilfrong, Bird Island
Seehusen, Sacred Heart
Sagness, Sacred Heart
180 Yard Low Hurdles
Rick Estenson , Hector            22.2
Neubauer, Bird Island
Piehl, Hector
DeGroat, Hector
D.Mulder, Renville
High Jump
DeGroat, Hector                    5’7
G.Mulder, Renville
Schafer, Buffalo Lake
Hubin, Buffalo Lake
Schjenken, Sacred Heart
880 Yard Yard
Schjenken, Sacred Heart      2.09.5
Lundstrom, Bird Island
Olson, Hector
Melin, Bird Island
Wolter, Renville
Long Jump
M.Neubauer, Bird Island     19’11 ½
Peterson, Renville
Bratsch, Renville
Smith, Renville
Schraan, Buffalo Lake
220 Yard Dash
Bratsch, Renville                    23.0
Schraan, Buffalo Lake
Tepfer, Danube
Zimmerman, Bird Island
Berger, Renville
Two Mile Run
Pat Branick, Renville           10.39.9
Ashburn, Sacred Heart
Schafer, Buffalo Lake
Scott, Hector
Barry, Hector
Mile Relay
Renville                                3.38.4
Bird Island
Buffalo Lake

Renville won the Class B District 12 Championship by outscoring Lester Prairie, 65 ½-59.  Hector placed 4th place and Bird Island 5th place.

212 Conference Place Winners
Shot Put-Tim Berger, Renville,  43’8
Shot Put-Feldman, Renville, 2nd
Shot Put-Fischer, Buffalo Lake, 3rd
Shot Put-Kknutson, Sacred Heart, 5th
Discus-Greg Mulder, Renville, 1st  140’6
Discus-Berger, Renville, 2nd
Discus-Wertish, Bird Island, 3rd
Discus- Fischer, Buffalo Lake, 4rth
Discus-Rodel, Bird Island, 5th
Long Jump-Neubauer, Bird Island, 2nd
Long Jump-Bratsch, Renville, 5th
High Jump-Greg Mulder, Renville, 2nd
High Jump-Ken DeGroat, 3rd
High Jump-Schafer, Buffalo Lake, 5th
120 HH- Estenson, Hector, 2nd
120 HH-Smith, Renville, 3rd
120 HH-DeGroat, Hector, 4th
100 Yard Dash-Schraan, Buffalo Lake, 2nd
100 Yard Dash-Anderson, Hector, 3rd
100 Yard Dash-Knick, Brownton, 4th
100 Yard Dash-Berger, Renville, 5th
Mile Run-Mike Wertish, BI, 1st      4.41.8
Mile Run-P.Branick, Renville, 2nd
Mile Run-Barry, Hector, 4th
Mile Run-Gabriel, Hector, 5th
Pole Vault-Branick, Renville, 4th
880 Yard Relay-Renville, 1st      1.36.9
880 Yard Relay-Buffalo Lake, 2nd
880 Yard Relay-Bird Island, 3rd
880 Yard Relay-Sacred Heart, 5th
440 Yard Dash-Rosaasen, Renville, 2nd
440 Yard Dash-Seehusen, Sacred Heart, 4th
180 LH-Rick Estenson, Hector, 2nd
180 LH-Neubauer, Bird Island, 3rd
180 LH-Flak, Sacred Heart, 4th
180 LH-Piehl, Hector, 5th
880 Run,Walter, Renville, 2nd
880 Run, Olson, Sacred Heart, 5th
Sprint Med Rel.-Ren., 1st,             3.57.1
Sprint Med. Rel.-Hector, 2nd
Sprint Med. Rel.-Sacred Heart, 5th
220 Yard Dash-Schraan, BL, 3rd
220 Yard Dash-Bratsch, Renville, 4th
Two Mile Run-Branick, Renville, 3rd
Two Mile Run-Ashburn, Sacred Heart, 4th
Two Mile Run-Schafer, BL 5th
Mile Relay-Renville, 1st                 3.40.3
Mile Relay-Bird Island, 4th
Mile Relay-Brownton, 5th
Gaylord and Lester Prairie tied for the Region 3 Championship with 30 points.  Renville finished 3rd with 23 points.
The two class meet was held at Winthrop in 85 degree weather.
Discus-Greg Mulder, Renville, 1st  145’11
Discus-Berger, Renville
Long Jump-Neubauer, Bird Island, 5th
Shot Put-Berger, Renville, 4th
Shot Put-Feldman, Renville, 5th
High Jump-G.Mulder, 4th
100 Yard Dash-Schraan, Buffalo Lake,4th
Mile Run- Wertish, BI, 1st      4.38.5
Mile Run-Branick, Renville, 2nd
440 Yard Dash-Rosaasen, Renville, 3rd
180 LH-Estenson, Hector, 5th
Sprint Med. Rel- Renville, 4th
Mile Relay-Renville, 4th


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1973 212 Conference Baseball Champions:  Renville Indians

    The Renville Indians won the 1973 212 Conference Baseball title.  In the first time in history, one school won the championship in every sport.  Bird Island claimed the dual meet championship in wrestling, but the Indians won the all important tournament.  Renville's only loss of the conference schedule came to Hector in a 9-2 loss. The Indians were led by outstanding junior shortstop, Don Dolan, senior pitcher, Larry Bratsch, senior third basemen, Chuck Johnson, junior catcher, Greg Mulder and sophomore first basemen, Kevin Mulder.   In the District 12 Tournament, conference champion Renville lost their first game of the tournament, 6-4, to Sacred Heart.  Sacred Heart's outstanding player, Mike Knapper, hit a grand slam home run in the 3rd inning off ace pitcher, Larry Bratsch, to win the game. 

 The Stewart Gophers rode the right arm of senior pitcher, Chuck Kosek, all the way to finals of the district against Glencoe.  Glencoe would score two runs late in the game to claim the victory.  Stewart pitcher, Chuck Kosek, used up his allotment of innings according to Minnesota State High School rules.  The Gophers were ahead when he left the mound.  Glencoe would go on to win the Region 3 Tournament and advance to the state tournament.