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1961-1962 Conference Football Co-Champions:  Stewart Gophers and Hector Bulldogs

212 Standings
Stewart                        6-0-1                8-0-1
Hector                         6-0-1                6-1-1
Danube                        5-2-0                7-2-0
Buffalo Lake                4-3-0                5-3-0
Brownton                    2-3-2                2-4-2
Sacred Heart               2-5-0                2-6-0
Bird Island                  1-6-0                1-7-0
Renville                       0-7-0                1-7-0
All-Conference                                                             Honorable Mention
Gary Engen, Sacred Heart       Sr.        175      Line       Brian Skalbeck, SH
Gary Hotovec, Danube            Sr.        180      Line       Jerome Roelofs, Danube
Larry Mackey, Buffalo Lake    Sr.        165      Line       Del Senst, BL
Denton Jakobitz, BL                Sr.        185      Line       Roger Roepke, Brownton
Ron Kelm, Brownton               Jr.        190      Line       Ervin Ahenholz, Renville
Ken Nicolai, Hector                Sr.        180      Line       Richard Carlson, Hector
Mike Roepke, Hector             Sr.        185      Line       Larry Radloff, Hector
Gary Meier, Stewart               Sr.        180      Line       Richard Twite, Stewart
Larry Meier, Stewart              Sr.        180      Line       Gary Kirchoff, Stewart
Bob Bruggers, Danube           Sr.        205      Back      Al Peris, Bird Island
Gary Hoffman, Danube           Sr.        185     Back      John Collins, Bird Island
Bob Hoffman, Renville            Sr.        180     Back
Tyrone Wacker, Stewart        Sr.        160      Back
Gary Leff, Hector                   Sr.        180     Back
Wayne Albrecht, BL               Sr.        185     Back
                     Conference Scoring    
                                                                                    TD’s    XP’s    CP’s    TP’s
                        Bob Bruggers, Danube                         22          7        109      139                             
                        Tyrone Wacker, Stewart                      12        15          63        87
                        Gary Leff, Hector                                   7          1          43        43
                        Larry Radloff, Hector                             7          0          42        42
                        John Schilling, Stewart                            7          0          36        42     
                        Gary Hoffman, Danube                           7          6          35        49
                        Bruce Scott, Bird Island                          5          2          32        32
                        James Macik, Hector                              7          1          31        43
                        Roger Roepke, Buffalo Lake                   5          1          31        31     
                        Wayne Albrecht, BL                               5          7          30        37
                        Darvin Bethke, Stewart                           6          3          26        39     


Bob Bruggers also lead the Willmar Tribune Area Scorers.  Tyrone Wacker finished  4th.   Ken Nicolai - Hector , Bob Bruggers – Danube,  Gary Meier – Stewart , Gary Engen – Sacred Heart, and Tyrone Wacker – Stewart, were selected to the Willmar Tribune All-Area Football Team.   Bob Bruggers also made the All-State football team.  


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1962 Conference Champions:  Buffalo Lake Bison

The Buffalo Lake Bison won their 3rd consecutive championship by rolling up 101points with the aid of 5 individual titles.  Hector was 2nd with 74 points, Stewart was 3rd          with 70, Brownton and Bird Island  ended with 43 points.  Bill Bulau (120) and Larry Mackey (138) won their 3rd straight conference mat titles.  Repeat winners were Wayne Henschke (112), Wayne Sell (127) and Dave Fosland (165)

                                                95 Pound
Championship: Andrew Forcier (Stewart) dec. Steve Johnson (Hector) 4-0
3rd Place: Baumgardt (BL) pinned Rietzma (BI) 4:49
                                                103 Pound
Championship: Frank Adams (BI) pinned Gary Wiewack (Stewart) 1:44
3rd Place: Fredell (Hector) dec. Kaldlebach (BL) 2-0
                                                112 Pound
Championship: Wayne Henschke (BL) dec. Roger Hennessey (Hector) 4-2
3rd Place:McDonald (BI) dec. Bollingmo (Stewart) 7-6
                                                120 Pound
Championship: Bill Bulau (BL) pinned Larry Penk (Stewart) 3:52
3rd Place: Buboltz (BL) dec. Bulau (BR.) 1-0 ot.
                                                127 Pound
Championship: Wayne Sell (BL) pinned Ron Penk (Stewart) 3:33
3rd Place: Troska (Br) dec. Hauer (Hector) 2-0
                                                133 Pound
Championship: Larry Baumgardt (BL) pinned Chuck Eichelberger (Stewart) 2:13
3rd Place: Loncorich (BR) dec. Milbrandt (Hector) 2-0
                                           138 Pound
Championship: Larry Mackey (BL) dec. Myron Bipes (Br) 5-0
3rd Place: Bauman (BI) dec. Zieman (Stewart) 2-0 ot.
                                                145 Pound
Championship: Jake Lamp (Br) dec. Burt Schafer (BL) 6-2
3rd Place: Dean (Hector) pinned Foesch (BI) 3:43
                                                154 Pound
Championship: John Lietz (Br.) dec. Paul Nordin (BI) 9-0
3rd Place:Koenig (BL) dec. Miller (Hector) 2-0
            `                                   165 Pound
Championship:Dave Fosland (Hector) dec. Del Senst (BL) 2-0
3rd Place: Youngkrantz (BI) forfeit over Proehl (Stewart)
                                                175 Pound
Championship:Larry Radloff (Hector) dec. Norv Bollingmo (ST.)  2-1
3rd Place: Starrett (BL) dec. Schwarze (Br) 1-0
Championship: Gary Leff (Hector) pinned Darvin Bethke (St.) 2:52
3rd Place:Bullert (BL) dec. Ziller (BI) 8-6 ot.

Hutchinson won the District 12 Championship by scoring 111 points.  Hector outscored 212 champion Buffalo Lake 77-75 for 2nd place.

212 Place Winners in the District Meet
95 Pound
Championship: Steve Johnson (Hector) pinned Andy Forcier (St.) 1:50
103 Pound
 3rd Place:Frank Adams (BI) dec.Don Fredell (Hector) 2-1
112 Pound
Championship: Roger Hennessey (Hector) dec. Wayne Henschke (BL) 7- 3                                              
3rd Place: Keith Schrupp (BI)
120 Pound
Championship: Bill Bulau (BL) dec. Gary Henke (Hut) 4-0
127 Pound
Championship: Wayne Sell (BL) dec. Tony Forcier (Hut)8-0
133 Pound
Championship:Dick Pullen (Hut)a  poinned Larry Baumgardt (BL) 4:24
138 Pound
Championship: Larry Mackey (BL) pinned Gary Hemmann (Gl) 5:20
3rd Place Myron Bipes (Br) dec. Tony Bauman (BI) 4-2
145 Pound
3rd Place:Gary Dean (Hector) dec. Jake Lamp (Br) 4-1
154 Pound
Championship: Ray Forcier (Hut) pinned Del Senst (BL) 3:40
3rd Place: John Lietz (Br) pinned Barry Miller (Hector) 3:37
165 Pound
Championship: Jeff Miller (Hut) dec. Dave Fosland (Hector) 4-2
175 Pound
Championship: Larry Radloff (Hector) dec. Norv Bollingmo (Stewart) 1-0
Championship:Gary Leff (Hector) dec. Larry Ondracek (Hut) 1-0

Tracy won the Region 3 meet held in Redwood Falls.  Buffalo Lake finished 3rd and Hector in 4th place.  Wrestlers from the 212 Conference that went on to the State Tournament in St. Peter were:Roger Hennessey (Hector) 112,Bill Bulau (BL) 120, Wayne Sell (BL) 127, and Larry Mackey (BL) Region 3 Champion at 138.


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1962 Conference Champions:  Danube Hawks

                                                                      Front Row:  Manager, Keith Lueck, Ass’t. Coach, Charles Erickson, Head Coach, Rod Black, Manager, Ron Schrupp
                                       Second Row:  Sheldon Manthei, Ervin Melema, Lowell Lueck, Jerome Roelofs, Mike Gort, Gary Hotovec, Bob Bruggers, Gary Hoffman, Mike Kurtz, Gene Minkel, Steve Schrupp.

The Danube Hawks won their second championship in a row as they finished the conference standings with a 13-1 record and a 23-4 overall record.  They also won the District 12 Championship for the third consecutive year and the Region III Championship for the second year in a row.  In District play, they defeated Lester Prairie 87-54, Renville 55-46, and Buffalo Lake 72-55 in the finals.  In Region play, they defeated Ortonville 61-51 and Lake Benton 69-55.  In the State Tournament at Williams Arena they defeated Ada 65-63 in the first round and then lost to St. Louis Park 62-66 in the semi-finals and then lost to Wells 62-68 in the third place game.

Final 212 Standings
Danube                        13-1                 23-4
Renville                        11-3                 12-6                            
Buffalo Lake                10-4                 15-5
Stewart                          7-7                 10-8
Hector                           6-8                   9-12
Sacred Heart                 4-10                 6-14
Brownton                      3-11                 4 -15                                     
Bird Island                     2-12                 3-16

All-Conference  (first team)
Bob Bruggers, Danube                       Sr.        6’1”    
Denton Jakobitz, Buffalo Lake            Sr.        6’4”
Brian Skalbeck, Sacred Heart             Sr.        6’4”
Tyrone Wacker, Stewart                     Sr.        5’9”
Dave Ahrens, Renville                          Jr.        6’2”
All-Conference (second team)
Gary Hoffman, Danube                       Sr.         6’1”
Bruce Scott, Bird Island                      Sr.         5’8”
Gary Kirchoff, Stewart                        Sr.         6’2”
Curt Munsch, Renville                         So.        6’2”
Jim Kossek, Hector                             Sr.        6’2
Honorable Mention
Don Roepke, Buffalo Lake                Sr.        6’1”
Dennis Peterson, Buffalo Lake           Jr.         6’1”
Ron Kelm, Brownton                         Jr.        6’2”

Bob Bruggers made the All-Area Team and the All-State Basketball Team

Top Scorers
Bob Bruggers, Danube                                   428 pts.           30.6 per game
Tyrone Wacker, Stewart                                271 pts.           19.4 per game
Dave Ahrens, Renville                                    252 pts.           18.0 per game
Denton Jakobitz, Buffalo Lake                       228 pts.           16.3 per game
Brian Skalbeck, Sacred Heart                        216 pts.           15.4 per game
Curt Munsch, Renville                                    216 pts.           15.4 per game
Jim Kossack, Hector                                     207 pts.           14.8 per game
Dennis Peterson, Buffalo Lake                       200 pts.           14.3 per game
Gary Kirchoff, Stewart                                  189 pts.           14.5 per game
Don Roepke, Buffalo Lake                            185 pts.           13.2 per game
Ron Kelm,  Brownton                                   174 pts.           12.4 per game
Bruce Scott, Bird Island                                162 pts.           13.5 per game
Roger Roepke, Brownton                             161 pts.           11.5 per game
Gary Hoffman, Danube                                 152 pts.           10.9 per game
Glenn Paehlke, Brownton                              142 pts.           10.1 per game

Bob Bruggers broke his own conference scoring record with 428 points.  He also broke the Willmar Tribune area scorers record with 793 points.  It was the third consecutive year that he led the area in scoring.  Tyrone Wacker finished third in area scoring while Denton Jakobitz finished eighth.  Bob Bruggers ended his career with 2364 points,second only to Norm Grow of Foley who scored 2852 points.  Third was Jon Hagen of Belview (57), with 2192. Fourth was Ron Johnson (57) of New Prague with 2190.


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1962 Track Champions:  Buffalo Lake Bison

The Buffalo Lake Bison won their 7th 212 Conference Track Meet at Hutchinson by dethroning the Stewart Gophers who were champions in 1960 and 1961.  The Bison piled up 75 ˝ points compared to runner up Stewart's 52 ˝ points.  Danube finished third with 33 ˝ points, followed by Hector 22 ˝, Bird Island 12, Sacred Heart 8 ˝, Brownton with 3 and Renville with 2 ˝.  John Schilling of Stewart won the 100, 220, and 440 yard dashes.  Bob Bruggers of Danube won the Shot Put, Discus and Long Jump.

Five new conference records were set in the conference meet.
Mile Relay, Buffalo Lake tied the record in the Mile Relay at 3.47.5
180 Yard Low Hurdles, Denton Jakobitz, Buffalo Lake at 20.9
120 Yard High Hurdles, Gary Meier, Stewart, 15.5
220 Yard Dash, John Schilling, Stewart, 22.9
Pole Vault, Bill Manthei, Danube, 10’8 ˝

1962 Conference Results

Pole Vault
1.      Bill Manthei, Danube            10’8NR
2.      Lenz, Stewart
3.      Peterson, Buffalo Lake
4.      McDonald, Bird Island
5.      Knapper, Sacred Heart
120 High Hurdles
1.      Gary Meier, Stewart                15.5
2.      Jakobiz, Buffalo Lake
3.      Manthhei, Danube
4.      Roepke, Bufalo Lake
5.      Saunders, Bird Island
100 Yard Dash
1.      Schilling, Stewart                    10.5
2.      Macik, Hector
3.      Wacker, Stewart
4.      Hubin, Buffalo
5.      Vruwink, Sacred Heart
1.      Buboltz, Buffalo                    4.59.7
2.      Kopel, Danube
3.      Schafer, Buffalo Lake
4.      Schwarzrock, Bird Island
5.      Sunvold, Renville
880 Yard Relay
1.      Buffalo Lake                          1.39.5
2.      Stewart
3.      Hector
4.      Bird Island
5.      Sacred Heart
440 Yard Dash
1.      Schilling, Stewart                       54.4
2.      Mueller, Buffalo Lake
3.      Skalbeck, Sacred Heart
4.      Mons, Buffalo Lake
5.      Engen, Sacred Heart
180 Low Hurdles
1.      Jakobitz, Buffalo Lake       20.9NR
2.      Meier, Stewart
3.      Roepke, Buffalo Lake
4.      Hoffman, Danube
5.      Fischer, Buffalo Lake
880 Yard Run
1.      Mackey Buffalo Lake              2.11.9
2.      Meier, Stewart
3.      Beckman, Bird Island
4.      Anderson, Hector
5.      Werner, Buffalo Lake
220 Yard Dash
1.      Schilling, Stewart                    22.9
2.      Macik, Hector
3.      Hubin, Buffalo Lake
4.      Jakobitz, Buffalo
5.      Vruwink, Sacred Heart
Mile Relay
1.      Buffalo Lake                       3.47.5
2.      Stewart
3.      Brownton
4.      Sacred Heart
5.      Brownton
Shot Put
1.      Bruggers, Danube               50’9
2.      Blad, Hector
3.      Wacker, Stewart
4.      Macik, Hector
1.      Ahlbrecht, Buffalo Lake      130’7
2.      Bruggers, Danube
3.      Meier, Stewart
4.      Vandervoort, Heart
5.      Washechek, Hector
Long Jump
1.      Bruggers, Danube                 20’7
2.      Twite, Stewart
3.      Baysinger, Buffalo Lake
4.      Roepke, Buffalo Lake
5.      Skallet, Bird Island
High Jump
1.      Tie-Hubin, Peterson  Buffalo Lake  and Manthei, Danube
2.      Durenburger, Renville
3.      Kossek, Hector     

Buffalo Lake also won the District 12 meet held at Hutchinson by outscoring Stewart, 46 to 45.  Danube finished fourth, behind Hutchinson with 23 ˝ points.  Stewart’s John Schilling won all three sprints and set records in the 220 (23.2) and 440 (53.3).  Danube’s Bob Bruggers, set a new record in the shot put (48’11) and also won the discus.

Conference place winners in the District 12 Meet
Long Jump                                                                Discus
2nd-Dick Twite, Stewart                                              1st Bob Bruggers- Danube, 137’0
4th-Skalet, Bird Island                                                 2nd, Ahlbrecht- Buffalo Lake
5th-Baysinger, Buffalo Lake                                         4th-VanderVoort, Hector
Pole Vault                                                                  Shot Put
1st-Bill Manthei, Danube, 9’10”                                  1st-Bob Bruggers, Danube, 48’11” (NR)
2nd-Lenz, Stewart                                                       2nd-Blad, Hector
3rd-Peterson, Buffalo Lake                                          3rd, Wacker Stewart
5th-McDonald, Bird Island                                          5th –Ahlbrecht, Buffalo Lake
High Jump                                                                 120 High Hurdles
1st Tie—Bill Manthei, Danube, 5’8 ˝                         1st-Gary Meier, Stewart, 15.4 (NR)
3rd-Dennis Peterson, Buffalo Lake                              4th-Roepke, Buffalo Lake
4th-Tie-Kossek, Hector/Hubin, B.L.                           5th-Jakobitz, Buffalo Lake
100 Yard Dash                                                          Mile Run
1st-John Schilling, Stewart, 10.5                                 2nd-Buboltz, Buffalo Lake
2nd Macik, Hector                                                     4th-Kopel, Danube
3rd Tie, Wacker, Stewart, Hubin, B.L.                        5th-Schwarzrock, Bird Island
880 Yard Relay                                                         Mile Relay
1st- Buffalo Lake, 1.39.8                                             2nd- Stewart
3rd Stewart                                                                  3rd Buffalo Lake
4th-Bird Island                                                             4th-Brownton
440 Yard Dash                                                          880 Yard Run
1st-John Schilling, Stewart, 53.3 (NR)                        2nd-Larry Mackey, Buffalo Lake
4th- Mueller, Buffalo Lake                                         4th-Larry Meier, Stewart
5th-Beckman, Bird Island       
220 Yard Dash                                                          180 Yard  Low Hurdles
1st-John Schilling, Stewart, 23.2 (NR)                        3rd-Gary Meier, Stewart
2nd-Macik, Hector                                                     4th-Jakobitz, Buffalo Lake
3rd-Hubin, Buffalo Lake                                            
4th-Hoffman, Danube
5th-Jakobitz, Buffalo Lake                                                     
Region 3 Place Winners
1st Place-Gary Meier, Stewart, High Hurdles, 15.5. Meier placed 3rd in the State.
2nd Place-John Schilling, Stewart, 440 yard dash.
3rd Place-Bob Bruggers, Danube, Shot Put
               John Schilling, Stewart, 100 and 220 yard dash
               Buffalo Lake, 880 Yard Relay
4rth Place-Bob Bruggers, Danube, Discus
5th Place-Dick Twite, Stewart, Long Jump
                 Todd Macik, Hector, 220 yard dash



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1962 Baseball Champions:  Danube Hawks

The Danube Hawks won the 1962 212 Conference Baseball Championship with a 5-1 record.  Outstanding players for Danube were Sheldon Manthei (P),                              Bob Bruggers (C-3B), Jerome Roelofs (1B), Mike Kurtz (Inf), and Gary Hoffman (OF).

Final Standings
Danube                        5 and 1
Brownton                    4 and 2
Stewart                       4 and 2
Hector                        3 and 2
Renville                       3 and 2
Bird Island                  3 and 3
Buffalo Lake               0 and 5
Sacred Heart              0 and 5

Other Outstanding Players in the conference were: Brownton's Roger Roepke (P-1B), Dave Wendlandt (C), Chuck Piek (SS), and Ron Kelm (1B). Stewart’s Tyrone Wacker (P-C) and Larry Meier (C-1B).  Buffalo Lake's Dennis Peterson (P-Inf).  Hector's Randy Edgar (P) and Todd Macik (C).  Bird Island's Dick Bjur (SS) and John Collins (OF).  Renville's Bob Hoffman (OF), Bob Dolan (P-Inf.) and LeRoy Grapenstein (Inf).  Sacred Heart's John Gunther (Inf).

Brownton won the District 12 Championship by beating Glencoe, 5-1 in the finals.  Brownton’s Roger Roepke led the Bears by pitching 25 1/3 innings, giving up 9 hits, and striking out 45 batters in district play.  Roepke won 7 games on the year and struck out 89 hitters and 541/3 innings.  They lost their first game in the region to Ortonville, 9-6.  With the score 6-6 in the bottom of the 7th inning, Ortonville's Bob Gerhart hit a 3 run home run to win the game.