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1957 Conference Football Champions:  Hector Bulldogs

    The Hector Bulldogs won the 1957 212 Conference Football Championship with an 8-0 record.   Led by an outstanding senior class that was highly successful in every sport, the Bulldogs went through the football season with relative ease.  In six of the eight games Hector scored on their first possession of the game.  The Bulldogs scored 269 points on the season for a 33.6 average per game.  On defense they gave up 46 points for a 5.8 per game average.   Hector’s toughest game of the season was at Stewart in the 2nd game of the year. With the game tied at 6-6 late in the 4th quarter, quarterback Lee Raitz scored on a 6 yard run.  Raitz also kicked the extra point to make the score 13-6.  Stewart got inside the Hector 20 yard line when the game ended.  The Gophers finished the season at 7-1.  Hector's offense was led by quarterback Lee Raitz.  Valedictorian of his class, Raitz was one of the best all-around student athletes in HHS history. In the backfield with Raitz was senior fullback George Beske, senior halfback Ted Hauer and freshman halfback John Jurisch.  Jurisch led the team with rushing yards and touchdowns scored.  He finished his high school career with 41 touchdowns.  Outstanding lineman for the 1957 Bulldogs were seniors Jeff Johnson, Bruce Rueber and Dennis Ackerman.

1957 212 Conference Standings
Hector                        8-0-0
Stewart                       7-1-0
Danube                       6-2-0
Brownton                    4-3-1
Sacred  Heart              3-5-0
Bird Island                   2-5-1
Buffalo Lake                1-6-0
Renville                        1-7-0
1957 All-Conference Team
Rod DeLeuw, Bird Island          G  12  148
Jeff Johnson, Hector                  G  12  160
Jim Trettin, Stewart                    T  12  185
John Briese, Buffalo Lake          T  12  185
Pat Maiers, Stewart                   T  11  180
Bob Fredrickson, Renville          E  12  170
Larry Johnson, Brownton           G  11  170
Gary Kaiser, Danube                 E  12  200
Bruce Rueber, Hector                E  12  180
Dennis Ackerman, Hector          E  12  175
Lee Raitz, Hector                   QB   12  155
Delano Wacker, Stewart        HB   11  160
Julian Wigen, Danube             FB    11  185
Ted Hauer, Hector                 HB   12  150
Dick Peik, Brownton              HB   11  160
Jim Davidson, Sacred Heart   QB   12  160

Honorable Mention
Wright, Toren and Rouna- Bird Island
Beske- Hector
Schimming, Sunvold, Slater and Olson-SH
Lundquist, Dykema and Schroeder-Danube
Pfaff, Vacek-Stewart

All-Area (Willmar)
Jeff Johnson
Jim Trettin
Rod DeLeuw
Lee Raitz
Julian Wign
Honorable Mention All-Area
Gary Kaiser
Bruce Rueber
Pat Maier
Delano Wacker
Leading Scorers         TD’s  EP   Pts.
Raitz, Hector                   10   20   80
Hauer, Hector                 10     1   61
Wigen, Danube               10     0   60
Schimminng, Sacrd Heart  8     6   54
Wacker, Stewart              6      5   41
Peik, Brownton                6      5   41
Jurisch, Hector                 6      5   41
Stockman, Stewart           6      3   39
Vacek, Stewart                6      2   38
Pfaff, Stewart                   6      0   36



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1958 ConferenceBasketball Champions:  Brownton Bears

                                                         Front Row: Ken Abram, Marllin Schauer, Jim Vinar, Harlin Klitzke, Dick Peik
                                           Back Row: Stan Katzenmeyer, Loren Lundstrom, Bill Kreie, Darrol Streich, Tom Jahnke, Coach Don Bjelland

     The Brownton Bears won the 1958 212 Conference Championship with a perfect 14-0 record.  The Bears also captured District 12 and Region 3 championships. Led by the play making of junior guard, Dick Peik, the shooting of Ken Abram, and the inside play of two 6’5 post players, Marlin Schauer and Jim Vinar, the Bears went to a 24 and 4 final record.   Brownton beat Olivia in the district finals, 83-64.  Peik scored 27, Schauer 22, Vinar 18 and Abram 12 in what was considered their best game of the year.  In the Region, the Bears upset the region favorite, Walnut Grove, in the first game, 52-49.  Walnut Grove was the region champion in 1957.  In the finals of the region the Bears beat Canby, 61-55.  In the state tournament at Williams Arena on the campus of the University of Minnesota, the Bears lost in the first round to a very talented Willmar team, 66-55.  In the consolation game on Friday, they lost to Cloquet, 57-50.

1958 Conference Standings
Brownton                     14-0
Hector                         11-3
Danube                        10-4
Renville                          7-7
Sacred Heart                 5-9
Buffalo Lake                  4-10
Stewart                          4-10
Bird Island                     1-13

1958 All-Conference Team
Jeff Johnson, Hector                  Sr.    6’0
Bruce Rueber, Hector               Sr.    6’2
Jim Davidson, Sacred Heart      Sr.    6’1
Barry Thostenson, Renville        Sr.    6’0
Marlin Schauer, Brownton        Sr.    6’5
Gary Kaiser, Danube                Sr.    6’4
Dick Peik, Brownton                Jr.     5’8
Ken Abram, Brownton             Jr.     6’3

Honorable Mention
Smedstad, Danube
Deleuw, Bird Island
Ahlbrehct, Buffalo Lake
Koopman, Buffalo Lake
Stockman, Stewart
Wacker, Stewart
Fredrickson, Renville
All-Area Team
Jim Davidson, Sacred Heart
Barry Thostenson, Renville
Ken Abram, Brownton
Gary Kaiser, Danube
Honorable Mention All-Area
Jeff Johnson, Hector
Bruce Rueber, Hector
Jim Dolan, Renville
212 1958 Scoring
Kaiser, Danube
Abram, Brownton,              Davidson,Sacred Heart
Vinar, Brownton
Peik, Brownton
Johnson, Hector
Schauer, Brownton
Thostenson, Renville
Stockamn, Stewart
Smedstad, Danube
Halverson, Hector
Olson, Sacred Heart
Reuber, Hector
Koopman, Buffalo Lake
Alhbrecht, Buffalo Lake
Deleeuw, Bird Island
Wacker, Stewart
Fredrickson, Renville
Previous Scoring Leaders
1953 Pagel, Bird Island
1954 Good, Danube
1955 Brandt, Renville
1956 Spreiter, Hector
1957 Klemp, Bird Island

Gary Kaiser virtually rewrote the 212 conference scoring records during his career.  He scored 328 points and averaged 23.4 points per game in conference play. Kaiser scored 867 points in his 3 year career at Danube, also a record.  Hector's Steve Spreiter had the previous records in 1956.

John Briese, a 175 pound wrestler from Buffalo Lake High won the District and Region Championships.  He lost his first round match in the state tournament. Briese lost only one match during the season.  Hutch won the district championship with 117 points.  Olivia and Buffalo Lake tied for second with 66 points.  Glencoe was 4th, Hector 5th and Cosmos 6th.


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1958 Conference Track Champions:  Buffalo Lake Bison

     The Buffalo Lake Bison won their 5th straight 212 Conference Track Championship at Glencoe by scoring 53 ½ points.  Stewart was runner-up with 46 Ό points.  Lee Raitz of Hector was a triple winner by setting 212 conference records in the 100 and 220 yards dashes, and also winning the long jump.  Gary Kaiser of Danube was a double winner in the shot put and discus, and Bob Frazee from Bird Island won both hurdle events.  A total of seven records were broken in the 6th annual track meet.

1958 212 Conference Track Standings
Buffalo Lake                   53 ½
Stewart                           46 Ό
Hector                            35
Sacred Heart                  26
Danube                          22 Ύ
Bird Island                     16
Brownton                      14
Renville                           0
Discus               130’7  NR
1.     Kaiser, Danube
2.     Trettin, Stewart
3.     Klammer, Stewart
4.     Briese, Buffalo Lake
5.     Schroeder, Danube
Long Jump            19’11
1.     Raitz, Hector
2.     Sell, Buffalo Lake
3.     Kaiser, Danube
4.     Koopman, Buffalo Lake
5.     Schimming, Sacred Heart
High Jump            5’6 ½ NR
1.     Bryan, Buffalo Lake
2.     Schafer, Buffalo Lake
3.     Tie, Abram, Brownton and Anderson Buffalo Lake
Pole Vault              9’4
1.     Tie-Bethke and Dols, Stewart
2.     Bulau, Brownton
3.     Russel, Bird Island
4.     Robinson, Bird Island
Shot Put              42’1 Ύ
1.     Kaiser, Danube
2.    Trettin, Stewart
3.    Jahnke, Danube
4.    Briese, Buffalo Lake
5.    Toren, Bird Island
880 Yard Relay          1.42
1.     Stewart
2.     Hector
3.     Buffalo Lake
4.     Sacred Heart
5.     Bird Island
100 Yard Dash          10.5 NR
1.     Raitz, Hector
2.     Schimming Sacred Heart
3.     Maiers, Stewart
4.     Lade, Stewart
5.     Benedict, Sacred Heart
220 Yard Dash          23.3 NR
1.     Raitz, Hector
2.     Kaiser, Danube
3.     Rettman, Stewart
4.     Schimming, Sacred Heart
5.     Krumrey, Buffalo Lake
440 Yard Dash           55.5
1.     Sell, Buffalo Lake
2.     Maiers, Stewart
3.     Schafer, Buffalo Lake
4.     Johnson, Hector
5.     Beske, Hector
880 Yard Run           2.11.2  NR
1.Bryan, Buffalo Lake
2.Peik Brownton
3. Olson, Sacred Heart
4. Lamb, Hector
5. Johnson, Buffalo Lake
Mile Run               5.02.7  NR
1.     Rettman, Buffalo Lake
2.     Johnson, Hector
3.     Kreie, Brownton
4.     D. Rettman, Buffalo Lake
5.     Braun, Brownton
120 High Hurdles           16.6
1.     Frazee, Bird Island
2.     Meyer, Sacred Heart
3.     Klammer, Stewart
4.     Lade, Stewart
5.     Benedict, Sacred Heart
180 Low Hurdles            23.5
1.     Frazee, Bird Island
2.     Slater, Sacred Heart
3.     Foesch, Hector
4.     Koopman, Buffalo Lake
5.     Klammer, Stewart
Mile Relay               3.52.2  NR
1.     Buffalo Lake
2.     Hector
3.     Stewart
4.     Sacred Heart
5.     Bird Island

Hutchinson won their 9th straight District 12 track title by scoring 56 points. Buffalo Lake was 2nd in the meet with 29 points, Stewart 3rd 24, Hector 22, Glencoe 16, Olivia 15, Norwood 13, Danube 11, Silver Lake 9, Brownton 4, Bird Island 1, Lester Prairie 1.

212 Place Winners
High Hurdles
    5th Frazee, Bird Island
100 Yard Dash-1st-Raitz, Hector, 10.7
    4th-Koopman, Stewart
    5th Schimming, Sacred Heart
Mile Run-1st G. Rettman, Buffalo Lake, 4.53.2 (New Record)
    2nd-Johnson, Hector
    4th- D. Rettman, Buffalo Lake
    5th-Kreie, Brownton
880 Yard Relay-2nd-Stewart
    4th-Sacred Heart
440 Yard Dash-2nd-Sell Buffalo Lake
    3rd Maiers, Stewart
    4th-Homme, Sacred Heart
    5th-Schaffer, Buffalo Lake
180 Yard Hurdles
    5th-Frazee, Bird Island and Lade, Stewart
880 Yard Run-2nd-Bryan, Buffalo Lake
    4th-Peik Brownton
    5th-Lambs, Hector
220 Yard Dash-3rd-Raitz, Hector
    4th-Kaiser, Danube
Mile Relay-1st-Buffalo Lake 3.46.2
Pole Vault-2nd-tie-Dols and Bethke, Stewart
    4th-tie-Robinson, Bird Island;Braun, Brownton;Koopman, BL;Bulau, Brownton
Shot Put-2nd-Kaiser, Danube
    4th-Trettin Stewart
High Jump-1st-Bryan, Buffalo Lake 5’6
    3rd-tie-Schaffer, Buffalo Lake; Abram, Brownton; Kaiser, Danube
Discus-1st-Kaiser Danube 143’10 New Record
    2nd-Trettin Stewart
    5th-Briese, Buffalo Lake
Long Jump-2nd- Raitz, Hector
    5th-Sell, Buffalo Lake



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1958 Baseball Champions:  Stewart Gophers

                                                    Front Row: mgr. Gary Dawson, Howard Victorian, Dick Barnes, Arnie Blum,Eddie Kirchoff, Dennis Lenz, Bobbie Werner, mgr. Bob Kuehl
                                                    Back Row: Roger Hagen, Steve Twite, Arlo Gehrke, John Lipke, Dennis Lade, Gary Meier, Tyrone Wacker, Coach Merv Ellwood

     The Stewart Gophers won the 212 Conference baseball Championship by defeating Bird Island 7-1.  Bird Island won the western division with a 3-0 record. Renville finished 2-1, Danube 1-2 and Sacred Heart 0-3.  Brownton, Stewart and Hector all finished with a 2-1 record for a tie for first place in the division.  Buffalo Lake finished 0-3.  It was decided to have a play-off between the top three teams, the winner to play Bird Island for the title.  Stewart and Hector met in the first game with Stewart winning 6-1.  The next playoff was against Brownton with Stewart also winning that game,6-2.  In the Championship game against Bird Island, the Gophers scored 5 runs in the 3rd inning and 2 runs in the 5th inning to ensure a 7-1 victory.  Stewart pitcher, Bob Werner gave up 2 hits and struck out 14 batters.  Although Stewart finished the season with a 12-2 record they were upset by Renville in the first round of the district tournament.   Pitcher/3B Bobby Werner finished his 5 year of varsity baseball with a 15-5 pitching record. Werner struck out 100 batters in 67 innings in 1958.  Other outstanding players on that team were 1B Johnny Pfaff, and juniors Delano Wacker, Eddie Kirchoff, sophomore Arlo Gehrke and freshman Dick Barnes.